How To

Do you have a warehouse in North America?

Yes. We have a warehouse in Aurora and Alliston, Ontario, Canada where we keep a large inventory of our full range of standard diamond wires.

Where are you located?

We are located: Unit 14, 125 Don Hillock Dr., Aurora, ON L4G 0H8. Canada
We also have a branch office located in Alliston, ON L9R 1V2 Canada

Do you provide samples for testing?

Yes, we do provide synthetic diamond and diamond wire samples for you. We encourage you to try our products at cost. But the diamond wire is a special product, so please allow us 3-4 weeks for the manufacturing and delivery.

Do you deliver?

We deliver synthetic diamonds and diamond wires throughout Canada free of charge. 

Do you supply custom made diamond wires?

Yes, each saw uses different lengths, diameters and bond system of wire. We have very strong technology manufacturers who can custom-make your special requirement orders.

How long will the diamond, diamond wire and wire saw be delivered?

We have a full range of full-grit diamonds SPD870, SSD870 and SSD860 in our warehouse, ready to meet your needs at any time.

For the first trial order of diamond wire, we need 3-4 weeks for delivery, if you are satisfied the quality, we will prepare enough wires in our stock for you. Then we can make delivery the second day after you place the order.

For the single wire saw, quarry wire saw and DTH drill, generally it takes 2 months to manufacture and 2 months to transport. As for the multi wire saw, it takes 6 months to manufacture and 2 months to transport.