About Us

About Us 


Skystone Canada Inc. is a leading North American professional distributor of Diamond Wire and Wire Saw. It supplies top quality tools and equipment for Stone Processing and Quarrying. All Diamond Wires and Wire Saws sold by Skystone Cananda are backed up by its now well know “after sales support.”

With over 7 years of sales and service experience, Skystone Canada offers its line of quality products throughout the Canada to meet the increasing needs of the stone quarrying and fabricating market.

The following products are available from Skystone Canada Inc.:


  • Full range of Diamond Wires for stone quarrying, block profiling, rock cutting etc.
  • Wire Saw and Down-The-Hole Drill for Quarrying and Blocking
  • Multi Wire Saw for Slabbing
  • Single Wire Saw for Stone Fabrication



Our Philosophy: Establish Customers & Partners with High Quality Products, Competitive Pricing, Fast Delivery and Excellent After Sales Support.