Skystone Synthetic Diamond

Skystone Synthetic Diamond

Skystone Synthetic Diamond

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Skystone Synthetic Diamond (SSD) has the high lifespan and free cutting ability in the concrete and stone fields, which is the result of our continuous innovation and technological development. 


SSD is used in saw blades, core drill bits, diamond wires etc. for stone fabricating, dimension block quarrying and construction engineering.

SSD860 30/35 SSGBC31-001 4.5X-B

SSD860 30/35 SSGBC31-001 4.5X-W

SSD860 35/40 SSOBD06-001 4.5X-B

SSD860 35/40 SSOBD06-001 4.5X-W

SSD860 40/45 SSGBC29-004 4.5X-B

SSD860 40/45 SSGBC29-004 4.5X-W

SSD860 45/50 SSNBC28-001 4.5X-B

SSD860 45/50 SSNBC28-001 4.5X-W

SSD860 50/60 SSGBC09-001 4.5X-B

SSD860 50/60 SSGBC09-001 4.5X-W

SSD870 30/35 SSEBD04-001 4.5X-B

SSD870 30/35 SSEBD04-001 4.5X-W

SSD870 35/40 SSEBD05-001 4.5X-B

SSD870 35/40 SSEBD05-001 4.5X-W

SSD870 40/45 SSMBD22-001 4.5X-B

SSD870 40/45 SSMBD22-001 4.5X-W

SSD870 45/50 SSMBD25-001 4.5X-B

SSD870 45/50 SSMBD25-001 4.5X-W

SSD870 50/60 SSOBD28-001 4.5X-B

SSD870 50/60 SSOBD28-001 4.5X-W

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