Skystone Premium Diamond

Skystone Premium Diamond

Skystone Premium Diamond

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Skystone Premium Diamond (SPD) has high strength, toughness and excellent thermal stability, and the cutting edge of the forming surface is perfect. SPD provides excellent performance in harsh conditions such as geological mine drilling and multi-wire sawing. The high strength and toughness of SPD and the specific properties of diamond edges reduce processing loads and improve cutting performance.


Most suitable for geological drilling bits, mining bits and multi diamond wires 

SPD870 30/35 SSCBD03-001 4.5X-B

SPD870 30/35 SSCBD03-001 4.5X-W

SPD870 35/40 SSCBD03-002 4.5X-B

SPD870 35/40 SSCBD03-002 4.5X-W

SPD870 40/45 SSCBD03-003 4.5X-B

SPD870 40/45 SSCBD03-003 4.5X-W

SPD870 45/50 SSCBD03-004 4.5X-B

SPD870 45/50 SSCBD03-004 4.5X-W

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