Diamond Quarry Wire Saw

We are passionate about offering you a wide range of wire saws for stone quarrying,  block shaping and separating etc. Functions & instruction are as follows:

  • Permanent magnetic technology, energy efficiency
  • Double invertors make it high efficiency and enable automatic and precise control of the cutting process
  • The wire tension and cutting current is closed loop automatic controlled by world brand PLC and inverter
  • The movement and rotation of the cutting head is driven by motor with Position Limitation Protection
  • Machine protection functions including: wire broken, machine overload, cutting finish end and other malfunction happened
  • Display and saving with digitization: the value of cutting current, linear speed, moving speed indicated on the panel, and the cutting time can be saved
  • The machine without phase request, it doesn’t need to change and distinguish the power phase
  • Remote control is available, safe operation and labor-saving

Diamond Quarry Wire Saw

Technical ParametersModel No.TSY-110GTSY-75GTSY-55GTSY-37GTSY-15GTotal Power114.5KW78.75KW58.75KW40K..


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